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  • Scientific coordinator of the EU Integrated Project: NoTube: integration of Web and TV data with the help of semantics (watch Social Web & TV scenarious; watch the Social Web & TV demonstrator)
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  • NoTube @ IBC2010 at Broadband News TV
  • AT5 TV interview on Intertain and NoTube
  • BNR DenkTank radio interview, 14 April 2010 (about projects in the Intertain Lab, in Dutch)
  • Het Parool article on projects in the Intertain Lab, 24 April 2010 (in Dutch)

  Student Projects: Apply Now!

For Master and Bachelor projects see the Information Sciences page. Assignments are available in the domains of Interactive TV, Cultural Hertiage and Social Web focussing on:

  • Personalization - user and context modeling

  • Recommender systems - personalized TV guides or museum tours, etc.

  • Video & Images Tagging - games with purpose, user-generated content

  • Human Computer Interaction - mobile/ hand-held devices/PC/TV.

  • Semantic Web, Social Web

List of running projects to host your final assignment:

  • NoTube Project - Making Television More Personal - exploring television's future in the ubiquitous Web; (with BBC, RAI, others).

  • PrestoPrime Project: User-generated metadata for Video; (with Sound & Vision, BBC, RAI, others).

  • WAISDA?: Video Tagging Game; (with Sound & Vision, KRO, NCRV, Q42)

  • Agora Project: Eventing your History - in a social platform for cultural heritage - with semantics for historical event models; (with Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Sound & Vision).

  • TruSIS: Trust in Internetworking - defining trust and reputation accross Social Networks

Short CV

Since 2006 I am working in the area of Intelligent Information Systems as an assistant professor in the Web and Media Group, Department of Computer Science VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Until 2010 I was also an associate member Information Systems Group Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. My main research interest are in the field of personalization on the Web, focussing on user and context modelling for web-based recommender systems. Main application areas for this research are Interactive TV and Cultural Heritage. See below the list of my publications and the list of the projects I am currently involved in.

I received my M.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Sofia University in Bulgaria. I did my PhD research at the department of Educational Science and Technology, University of Twente, the Netherlands, in the field of adaptive information retrieval for web-based education. I was granted a PhD on a thesis entitled "Task-based approach to information handling support with web-based education". After my PhD I worked as an assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology and was an associate member of the Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction Group of CWI in Amsterdam.

Here you can find quite recent full CV


Check out my most recent publications at DBLP, look at the pdf until 2010


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Research interests

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Professional activities

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At the Free University of Amsterdam I am involved in the following courses (2006-present):

At the Eindhoven University of Technology I was involved in the following courses (2001-2006):

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