You can download Argos from the VU's, GForge software development server. Besides Argos, you can also download the following packages:

  • cargos-lib is a library for processing the logs generated by Argos. You can use to help you process the logs or just as a guide to write your own processing routines.
  • Virtual Client is a Windows32 binary that performs some basic operation to emulate client behaviour. It parses the inbox of the mail account set up with Windows, and opens any URL or attachment received. This way one could e-mail potentially malicious links, images, etc to be checked within Argos.
  • argos-utils contains some scripts that are related with Argos, such as raw2pcap that can be used to transform a raw network log to pcap format, and that can be used to report the name of the application attacked.

To compile and run Argos you will also need the SDL library and a recent 2.4 or 2.6 Linux kernel.

To use TUN/TAP networking which will also allow you to perform connections to the guest OS, we recommend using the utility tunctl.

To set up a guest operating system use Qemu v0.9.1. You can also make use of the kernel accelerator module to speed things up.