In Memory of Karlijn Keijzer

We are devastated by the news that Karlijn Keijzer, visiting PhD student from Indiana University in Bloomington, was together with her friend Laurens on the fatal MH17 flight to Kuala Lumpur that crashed in Ukraine on July 17. With Karlijn, we loose a talented, kind and hard-working group member. Karlijn finished her MSc studies Drug Discovery and Safety in 2012 cum laude.
 Thereafter, she started her PhD studies in the research group of Prof. Mookie Baik in Bloomington, during which she had collaborative summer stays in Amsterdam. During this and next summer, Karlijn was appointed on an Aspasia grant (provided by the Department of Chemistry) to investigate the origin of the high binding affinity of enterobactin for iron(III) under guidance of Dr. Célia Fonseca Guerra in the Theoretical Chemistry group.

We will miss Karlijn's vivid, inspiring and enjoyable presence and remember her as a wonderful person and helpful colleague. We express our deepest sympathy with Karlijn’s family, friends and colleagues, here and in Bloomington. 

See also the statement on VU University’s corporate site. 

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