Prof Dr. Jan Kubelka, Visiting Professor


Prof. Dr. Jan Kubelka, Visiting Professor, 2016:

Chemical Bonding and Reactivity.

Jan Kubelka is professor at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Wisconsin, USA. He is intersted in problems of protein structure and dynamics, along with the development of new sensitive spectroscopic methods for their study. His main goal is to understand the molecular mechanism of protein folding. Kubelka’s group focusses on small and structurally simple model proteins. Isotopically-edited infrared (IR) spectroscopy is used to selectively probe the structure of particular regions of the studied proteins during folding or unfolding processes. In combination with mutational studies, insights into the roles of sequence specific interactions and physical origins of the folding mechanism are obtained. In parallel, infrared spectroscopic studies on model small molecules and quantum density functional theory calculations help understand and interpret the complex protein vibrational spectra.

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