Dr. Pieter-Jan van Ooij, External Collaborator


Dr. Pieter-Jan van Ooij (2015-present) 

Pulmonary oxygen toxicity. Collaboration with the Diving Medical Center of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Dr. Pieter-Jan van Ooij studied medicine at Catholic University Nijmegen, where he graduated in June 1991. After his specialization in Occupational Medicine in 1998 he subsequently worked at Occupation Health Service Zwolle and the Occupational Health Center Royal Netherlands Army in Harderwijk. Since 2006 he is working as a Senior Diving Medicine Physician at the Diving Medical Center of the Royal Netherlands Navy in Den Helder. He obtained his PhD for the thesis on pulmonary oxygen toxicity in professional diving in September 2013.  His current research interests involve the early development of pulmonary oxygen toxicity at alveolar level, specially the effect of the oxygen molecule on the phospholipid molecules of the alveolar epithelial membrane bilayer. Besides his guest appointment at the Division of Theoretical Chemistry, he also has a guest appointment at the Department of Pulmonology, AMC Amsterdam.

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