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This page contains information on the MasterMath course "Dynamical Systems" (Fall 2012).

Classes are on Tuesdays, 14:00-16:45, in room 611 of the Utrecht Math building and consist of two 45 minute lectures and one 45 minute exercise session. The first lecture will take place on September 4.

For this course we shall make use of the book "Dynamical Systems - second ed." by Clark Robinson. In particular, we will treat chapters V, VII, VIII (sections 1-4) and X. The first half of the course (i.e. roughly chapters V and VII) will be taught by Bob Rink and the second half (i.e. roughly chapters VIII and X) by Ale Jan Homburg.

Your final grade for this course will depend on two personal and written hand-in assignments, each of which counting for 25%, and a written exam, worth 50%.

Practical information concerning covered material, excercises, hand-ins and the exam, will appear on this site.