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Curriculum Vitae of Bob Rink
Since 2016 Full Professor, VU University Amsterdam
2007 - 2016 Assistant/Associate Professor, VU University Amsterdam
Spring 2007 Member, MSRI Berkeley
2004-2007 EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Imperial College London. Adviser: J.S.W. Lamb
2003 PhD, Utrecht University. Advisers: F. Verhulst and J.J. Duistermaat
1999 MSc, Utrecht University

Research grants
2014 Conference support grant Lorentz Center, together with J.B. van den Berg and M. Beck
2012 Conference support grant Lorentz Center, together with H. Geiges, V. Ginzburg, F. Pasquotto and R. Vandervorst
2010 Conference support grant Lorentz Center, together with V. Ginzburg, F. Pasquotto and R. Vandervorst
2009-2013 NWO "Vrije Competitie" grant "Variational methods for quasi-periodicity"
2007-2010 NWO "Veni" grant "Hamiltonian Lattice Dynamical Systems"
2007 Conference support grant Lorentz Center and KNAW conference grant, together with J. Lamb
2007 Membership grant MSRI Berkeley
2004-2007 EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship grant "Geometry and near-integrability of Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems"

Selected talks, visits and schools
Invited talk in the satellite session “The Complex Dynamics of Networks” at the CSS Conference on Complex Systems, Amsterdam, Netherlands [Sept. 2016]
Invited talk in the minisymposium "Normal Forms and Modulation Equations" at the SIAM conference Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures, Philadelphia, USA [Aug. 2016]
Plenary talk at the workshop "Computational Proofs for Dynamics in PDEs" at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, the Netherlands [June 2016]
Invited lecture at the "ICMS/KNAW Winter School on Complexity" at the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems, Eindhoven University, the Netherlands [Dec. 2015]
Plenary talk at the conference "Topics in applied dynamical systems: equivariance and beyond" at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI), the Ohio State University, Columbus, USA [2015]
Invited talk in the special session "Coupled cell dynamics" at the joint meeting of the American, European, and Portuguese Mathematical Societies in Porto, Portugal [2015]
Plenary talk at the workshop "Dynamics and Geometry" at the Lorentz Center Leiden, the Netherlands [2015]
Plenary talk at the yearly meeting of NDNS+ at Twente University, the Netherlands [2015]
Invited speaker at the workshop "Algebraic topology in dynamics", IMA Minneaopolis [Feb. 2014]
Invited speaker at the workshop "Coupled cell networks and dynamics", Porto [Feb. 2014]
Colloquium talk at Freiburg University [Jan. 2014]
Colloquium talks at Imperial College London [July 2013]
Minisymposia "Bifurcations in coupled cell networks" in Snowbird [May 2013], together with A.P. Dias.
Visit to M. Golubitsky at MBI Ohio [May 2013]
One month academic visit to R. de la Llave, Georgia Inst. of Technology [April 2013]
Visit to A. Ponno at Padova University, Italy [Feb. 2013]
Speaker at the conference “Weak KAM theory” in Bordeaux, France [Dec. 2011]
Invited presentation at SPT2011, Otranto, Italy [June 2011]
Organizer of the mini-symposium "Aubry-Mather theory" in Snowbird [May 2011], together with B. Mramor
Invited presentation at the "Complexity and patterns" workshop at Twente University [Nov. 2010]
Minisymposium "Coherent structures in Hamiltonian lattices" at "SIAM applications of Dynamical Systems", Snowbird, USA [2009]
Visit to G. Benettin, Padua, Italy [2009]
Workshop "Anderson localization in nonlinear and many-body systems", Max Planck Dresden, Germany [2009]
Workshop "KAM theory and its applications", Lorentz Center Leiden, The Netherlands [2008]
DynamIC colloquium , Imperial College London, UK [2008]
Workshop "Lattice models'', Bath University, UK [2008]
Colloquium talk at Leiden University, The Netherlands [2008]
Colloquium talks at CWI Amsterdam and Groningen University, The Netherlands [2007]
Organiser of workshop "Hamiltonian Lattice Dynamical Systems", Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands [October 15-19, 2007]
Workshop "Geometric Mechanics", BIRS Banff, Canada [2007]
Analysis colloquium, University of Zurich [2007]
Mathematics colloquium, University of Santa Cruz, USA [2007]
Lectures on KAM theory in UK Dynamical Systems Graduate School "Hamiltonian Dynamics", Imperial College London, UK [2006]
Conference ``Computation and Topology in Dynamics", Lorentz Center Leiden [2006]
Mathematics colloquium in Canterbury and Warwick, UK [2005]
Workshop ``Oscillatory Motions in Hamiltonian Systems'', ENOC, Eindhoven [2005]
Visit to D. Bambusi, Universita degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy [2005]
Visit to F. Fasso, Universita di Padova, Padua, Italy [2005]
DynamIC colloquium, Imperial College London, UK [2003]
Minisymposium "The FPU problem'' at "SIAM Applications of Dynamical Systems", Snowbird, USA [2003]
1 month visit to G. Gallavotti at the Universita di Roma 1, Rome, Italy [2002]
Lecturer at the Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia [2001]
Conference ``Symmetry and Perturbation Theory 2001'', Cala Gonone, Italy [2001]
Summer School ``Geometric Mechanics: MASIE'', Peyresq, France [2000]