METHOD 2015: The 4th International Workshop on Methods for Establishing Trust of (Open) Data

Bridging the Gap between Trust and the Web

The METHOD workshop aims to bring together researchers working on the problem of trust and quality assessment of (open) data, and all components that contribute to this goal.

Trust assessment of content on the Web is a highly complex concept that depends on objective as well as subjective criteria, including the content's provenance, but also the consumer's background, personality, and context. However, the exact criteria and tolerances will differ for each domain, requiring detailed knowledge about the data and its users. This also makes it very challenging to find generic solutions that are applicable everywhere. Therefore, stakeholders in this field are continuously investigating new techniques to handle and prepare data in such a way that it becomes easier for machines to process it with the goal of trust and/or quality assessment.

The METHOD workshop will be a venue for presenting and discussing novel research ideas in this field, as well as technical applications. There are many places where activists and political stakeholders discuss the topics of Trust and Open Data, but we found that our research community lacks a platform for researchers and engineers to exchange views using a more technical perspective. The METHOD workshops provide a forum for researchers from both the Semantic Web and the Trust Management community to discuss approaches, theories, and concrete technical means required to establish trust in information on the Web.

There are many ways you can participate in METHOD this year!


2015-10-12 Papers and Slides published + best paper award
Thanks to all the participants for a great workshop! The program page now includes a link to the slides of all talks, and also to the pre-print papers. This year's best paper award was granted to Curt Tilmes, Robert E. Wolfe, Brian Duggan, Steven Aulenbach, Justin C. Goldstein, Xiaogang Ma and Stephan Zednik for their work "Supporting Trust with Provenance of the Findings of the National Climate Assessment". We hope to see all of you again next year!
2015-09-22 Program and papers published & announcement of the 1st Trust on the Web debate championship!
The program for our half-day workshop is now online. Links are included to the pre-print papers that will be presented. You will also notice that we have a very exciting item on our program, right after the keynote: the first Trust on the Web debate championship. Yes, during the workshop, we will practice the noble art of competitive debating! Awards will be given to the best debate team, and the best paper. There's also still time to submit proposals for poster presentations for projects or datasets related to the workshop. Check the submission page for more info.
2015-08-03 Last-minute call for data papers and late-breaking results!
Now that the normal submission process is complete, we are making a last-minute call for data papers and short papers with late-breaking results. These papers can now be up to 6 pages long! Deadline August 12th. See the CFP
2015-05-13 Keynote speaker confirmed!
2015-06-30 Deadline extended!
The submission deadline for METHOD has been extended to July, 14th 23:59 HST! We encourage authors to submit their abstracts as soon as possible though, so we can start finding reviewers and get an idea of the number of submissions. The full paper page limit has been extened to 12 pages as well.
2015-05-13 Keynote speaker confirmed!
We are honored to announce that Brian Ulicny, Director of Data Science at Thomson Reuters Data Innovation Lab, will give a keynote at METHOD 2015.
2015-04-29 Workshop accepted @ ISWC2015!
METHOD 2015 will be held in conjunction with the 14th International Semantic Web Conference in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!

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