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Weak chemical interactions are the driving force for self-assembly in biological and supramolecular systems. The research in my group focusses on understanding these weak chemical interactions with Kohn-Sham MO theory. Our analyses of cooperativity, π assistance, and substituent effects in Watson-Crick base pairs, DNA mismatches and quadruplexes have provided groundbreaking new insights in the nature of the hydrogen bond and supramolecular aggregation. Furthermore, my group is committed to understanding the role of metal ions in self-assembly processes. The development and the implementation of chemical analysis methods to understand the nature of hydrogen bonding and chemical bonding in general are also part of my research program.

News and Information:

FemEx-NL 2017

• Chem. Eur. J. paper on guanine self-assembly accepted with cover. Congrats to Gabor.

• PCCP paper in top 50 of most accessed articles of 2016. Congrats to Olga!

• Well done, Stephanie! Poster prize at HRSMC symposium

• Our work on Hbonds in C&EN and ACS Central Science: The Art of the Chemical Bond

• PCCP paper accepted with cover for DFT developments issue. Congrats to Francesco!

• PCCP paper online with cover for Kekulé themed issue. Congrats to Olga!

Excellent and motivated master students are welcome to apply for an internship.   International students may qualify for joining the group through the VU Fellowship or Erasmus programs.

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