Chun-wa Chung

picture speaker
Computational and Structural Chemistry, GSK R&D, Stevenage, UK

o Structural biophysicist
o BA degree in Natural Science (University of Cambridge UK)
o PHD in NMR method development (Department of Chemistry in Cambridge).
o Joined GlaxoSmithKline as a temporary postdoctoral researcher and never left.
o Currently lead group that spans Xray crystallography, NMR and biophysics at GSK’s UK research site in Stevenage, which matches personal expertise in these areas.
o Group supports biophysical MOA to fragment screening and crystallography across a wide range of therapeutic areas.
o Current personal research focus is epigenetics (epi-reader and epi-enzyme).


Hedging your BETs: from phenotypic screening to fragment based drug discovery
Phenotypic and fragment based approaches to identify protein-protein inhibitors that disrupt the interaction between BET bromodomains and chromatin are described. These compounds have profound effects in in vivo inflammation and oncology models. Our experiences allow us to examine the benefits of exploring novel target classes using these disparate methods.