David Swinney

Institute for Rare and Neglected Diseases Drug Discovery

Dr. Swinney has devoted the majority of his career to the identification of tractable drug targets, effective mechanisms of drug action, and promising leads and clinical candidates to address unmet medical needs. He has also developed an expertise in the understanding and application of binding kinetics to drug discovery. Dr. Swinney has a PhD in medicinal chemistry from the University of Washington, Seattle and is currently CEO and co-founder of the non-profit, Institute for Rare and Neglected Diseases Drug Discovery (iRND3, www.irnd3.org).


The value of understanding and applying binding kinetics to drug discovery
There are many opportunities for binding kinetics to add value to drug discovery. Greater understanding and application will help experimental design, provide molecular descriptors for chemical optimization, provide molecular mechanisms of action that increase efficacy, safety and the therapeutic index, extend the duration of action, and thereby, differentiate medicines.