Glyn Williams

picture speaker
Astex Pharmaceuticals

Glyn obtained his degree and D.Phil. in Chemistry from the University of Oxford and subsequently carried out teaching and research in Bio-Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Sydney and University College London. His interests in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and protein structure took him to Roche Products (UK) in 1990 where he worked on the HIV protease inhibitor, Saquinavir and other antiviral targets before joining Astex Pharmaceuticals (then Astex Technology) in 2001 as the Head of Biophysics. While at Astex, Glyn has been responsible for integrating NMR, mass spectrometry and calorimetric methods into the Pyramid screening platform and applying the knowledge gained to improving fragment library design and the Astex lead-optimisation process.


Mapping the Thermodynamic Landscape of Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
The emergence of experimentally-driven efforts to build potent inhibitors from weakly binding molecular fragments has had important consequences in several areas of drug design. This talk will give an overview of the affinities, thermodynamic signatures and efficiencies of Astex hits and leads, generated in the course of 11 years of structure-led, fragment-based, drug discovery.