Hans-Georg Lerchen

picture speaker
Bayer Pharma Aktiengesellschaft

1987: PhD in Organic Chemistry at Univ. Mainz with Prof. Kunz (Synthesis and stereodifferentiating complexation of Enniatin-like cyclodepsipeptides)
1987-1988: Post Doc: Max Planck grant at MPI for Biochemistry in Munich (Prof. WŁnsch)
1988-2002: Bayer AG Central Research; Leverkusen
2002-today: Bayer Pharma AG, Global Drug Discovery; Wuppertal Research Fellow, Medicinal Chemistry;
Current Research Focus: Drug Delivery Systems and Prodrugs; Antibody-Drug Conjugates
12 publications and ~50 patents and patent applications


Antibody Drug Conjugates: Challenges in the interface between proteins and small molecules
Antibody Drug Conjugates represent a promising option for cancer treatment combining the specificity of mAbs with high potentcy of cytotoxic agents. A general introduction into the field with a particular focus on the technical challenges and progress with different toxophor linker chemistries including a case study will be provided.