Herbert Nar

picture speaker
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co

Herbert Nar graduated at the Technical University Munich in Chemistry and obtained his Ph.D. from the same institute in protein crystallography. In his postdoctoral work with Robert Huber at the Max-Planck-Institute für Biochemie, he determined 3D structures of proteins involved in pterin biosynthesis and studied their enzymatic mechanisms. He joined Boehringer Ingelheim in 1995 to establish a protein crystallography laboratory. In 2000, he took over responsibility for the Structural Research Group that comprises units for protein expression and purification, biophysics of ligands binding, NMR and protein crystallography. He co-chairs the Boehringer Ingelheim fragment screening initiative.


Linking HTS-based and fragment-based approaches to a productive lead identification process using structural biology and biophysics
The fragment-based drug discovery activities at Boehringer Ingelheim will be described. Further, the organization of structural and biophysical support during hit evaluation and hit-to-lead and its project applications will be presented.