Ilana Scovassi

picture speaker
IGM-CNR, Italy

• Born in Alessandria, Italy, April 1st 1953.
• PhD in Biochemistry University Paris VI, France (1979); PhD in Genetics University of Pavia, Italy (1984).
• Present position: Research Director, Istituto di Genetica Molecolare CNR, Pavia, Italy
• Research activity: Group leader in many projects on DNA replication and repair; drug response of cancer cells; screening of natural/synthetic drugs with anti-cancer activity; apoptosis ; autophagy; poly(ADP-ribosylation).
• Scientific publications: 137 full papers, 32 book chapters, 260 meeting abstracts; one patent.
• Member of SIBBM (Società Italiana Biofisica Biologia Molecolare), ECDO (European Cell Death Organization), ASBMB (American Society Biochemistry Molecular Biology).


Search for anticancer drugs: A look to apoptosis but also to autophagy!
Drug resistance of cancer cells is often correlated to apoptosis evasion; however, an active involvement of autophagy in this scenario has been recently discovered, based on the evidence that this process could exert a protective role towards cancer cell proliferation.