Werner Sieghart

picture speaker
Center for Brain Research, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medical University Vienna, Spitalgasse 4, 1090 Vienna, Austria


study of chemistry (University of Vienna); Thesis at the Institute of Biochemistry, (University Vienna, with Hans Tuppy); Postdoc with Manfred Karobath, (Section of Biochemical Psychiatry, University Clinic for Psychiatry, Vienna); Postdoc with Paul Greengard, (Yale University, Department of Pharmacology); Assistant professor (Section of Biochemical Psychiatry, University Clinic for Psychiatry, Vienna); Chief of the Section of Biochemical Psychiatry and of a Clinical Chemistry Lab at the University Clinic for Psychiatry, performing drug of abuse-, lithium-, hormone- and anticonvulsant-determinations; Prof. for Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology and Head, Department for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Center for Brain Research, Medical University Vienna.


GABAA receptor subtypes exciting targets for the development of clinically important drugs
By docking into multiple homology models of the extracellular GABAA receptor domain we identified a diazepam-bound structure of the benzodiazepine site that is consistent with vast experimental evidence. Two independent virtual screening approaches based on this structure predicted potential new ligands for this site that were then confirmed experimentally.