Rob de Jeu

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Faculteit Exacte Wetenschappen
Afdeling Wiskunde
Vrije Universiteit
De Boelelaan 1081a
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Room R-529, W&N building
Telephone: +31-20-598 7676
Fax: +31-20-598 7653

Here are directions to the building in which I work.

Teaching 2016-2017

Here are slides, etc., of some of my talks (BMC 2001, BMC 2002, Dagstuhl 2004, Banff 2005, Belfast 2007, VU 2007, Utrecht 2009,...).

Research Information

My work is concentrated around algebraic K-theory, especially in the direction of Zagier's, Goncharov's and Beilinson's conjectures. It involves making K-groups more explicit, computing regulators and establishing relations between those regulators and the values of L-functions at certain points. Since this area relates to and uses techniques from number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry, I also do research in those fields without any link to algebraic K-theory. As some of my work is computer based there are also algorithmic aspects to my research.

I was the scientist in charge of the Durham node in the EC network Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry that ended 31st January 2008. I was also associated with the Edinburgh node in the EC network Algebraic K-Theory, Linear Algebraic Groups and Related Structures, which finished 30th September 2006. Nowadays I take part in the The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) clusters DIAMANT and GQT.

Sander Dahmen also works in my research group.

Through the Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry network, or through other sources of money, I had various postdocs: Jean-Guillaume Grebet, Niklas Broberg, Ivan Horozov, Daniel Caro, Tejaswi Navilarekallu and Marco Streng. At the moment Deepam Patel is on a postdoc position funded by a 3-year NWO grant, with an interruption for one year for a fellowship at the IHES.

Currently I have two PhD students, Bogdan Banu and François Escriva. Hang Liu, a PhD student at the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, started a 2-year visit in January 2013.


We have an algebra seminar. There were also some earlier algebra events (with algebra interpreted rather broadly), in particular in the context of DIAMANT and the Intercity Number Theory seminar.

From time to time I have some visitors.

With some other people I organized a Stieltjes "onderwijsweek" in January 2010, where the topics were inspired by the lectures of Spencer Bloch as Stieltjes professor hosted by me in February and March 2010.

Together with Pedro Luis del Angel, Javier Elizondo, James Lewis, Paulo Lima-Filho and Deepam Patel I organize a workshop on cohomological realizations of motives in December 2014 in Banff.

Earlier I organized

Preprints and abstracts of publications

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