About me

I am Jeroen de Man, a Ph.D. student in the Agent System Reasoning group at the VU University in Amsterdam. I received my Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence at the VU University Amsterdam in July 2009. For my masters thesis on modelling social compliant behavior, I carried out an internship at the research organisation TNO in Soesterberg.

As of September 2011, I am associated with a collaborative project between the VU University’s Faculty of Sciences, department of Computer Science and the NSCR. The project named STRESS (simulation-based training of resilience in emergencies and stressful situations) focusses on developing training simulations for professionals who are required to make difficult decisions in situations of high stress and time pressure.

Jeroen de Man M.Sc.
Ph.D. Student
VU University Amsterdam

+31 20 59 87756

De Boelelaan 1081a (T3.20b)
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands