Simulation-based Training of Resilience in Emergencies and Stressful Situations

In crisis situations, policemen and other emergency workers often face difficult decision making problems. Even though these people usually have clear instructions about how to act, they often have difficulties in making appropriate decisions, due to a combination of factors, including time pressure and heavy emotions. The main goal of the current project is to develop an intelligent system that is able to analyse human decision making processes in stressful circumstances, and analyse the causes of incorrect decisions. In addition, the system will be incorporated in an electronic training environment for emergency workers. In this environment, trainees will be placed in a virtual emergency scenario, in which they have to make difficult decisions, while negative emotions are induced. During the scenario, various existing techniques will be applied to measure their mental state (i.e., stress level and anxiety). This information will then be used as input for the intelligent system, to determine why they made certain incorrect decisions and teach them how to improve this. <link>

Funded by the national NWO Brain and Cognition Programme; in collaboration with NSCR.


  • Project Lifestyle Informatics (2014-2015)

Teaching fellow

  • Academic English (2013-2014)

Teaching assistant

  • Integrative Modelling (2011-2014)
  • Onderzoeksvaardigheden in de criminologie (2012-2013)


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