High-dimensional data analysis, 2016

Lecturers: Wessel van Wieringen and Mark van de Wiel. Below you find the material from Mark. Wessel's material can be found here.

Multiple testing

Nov   4. Lecture 7: Family-wise error rate (FWER)
Nov 11. Lecture 8: False Discovery Rate (FDR)
Nov 18. Lecture 9: Bayesian multiple testing

A reader containing all material (lecture notes, additional mathematical details, tutorial article, exercises) will be made available at the first lecture.
This is also available on request by email (the reader contains copyright protected material).

Data set for exercises: 
Solutions to the Multiple testing exercises will be made available after the last lecture.

High-dimensional count data, Shrinkage & Empirical Bayes

Nov 25. Lecture 10: Shrinkage + Empirical Bayes
Dec 2. Lecture 11: Analysis of RNAseq data using edgeR

Dec 9. Lecture 12: Analysis of RNAseq data using ShrinkBayes

All material will be provided at the first lecture (lecture notes, exercises, software demos, data). Lecture Notes.
Derivation of shrinkage factor for shrunken t-statistic [Shrinkage lecture] can be found here.
Solutions to the  exercises will be made available after the last lecture.