Videos and mass media

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  Full Professor of Applied Mathematics

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Faculty of Sciences, Department of Mathematics
De Boelelaan 1111
1081HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI)
Manager Research and Development
Leader of the research theme Logistics
Industrial Liaison Officer
Science Park 123
1098XG Amsterdam, Netherlands
Telephone: +31-20-592 4129, E-mail:

Selected videos:
  • Talk on ambulance planning for Universiteit van Nederland.
  • National TV interview on ambulance planning at Kennis van Nu.
  • Connecting Boundless Minds, monologue about the business climate at Amsterdam Science Park.
  • Documentary on Lives Saving Mathematics, Kennis van Nu in de Klas, National School TV

    Selected interviews:
    Levenreddend algoritme, Elsevier Weekblad.
    De rekenmeesters van de NS en Deltawerken, Elsevier Weekblad.
    Dankzijn een app lekkerder in je vel, I/O Magazine.
    Wetenschap helpt! Hoe wiskundigen alledaagse problemen oplossen,
    Een patiënt is geen pakketje, New Scientist.