michiel hildebrand

I am a researcher in the Web&Media group at the VU University Amsterdam. I investigate information systems that support users in modeling, linking and accessing data on the Web. In 2010 I finished my PhD at the centre Mathematics & Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam on interactive access to heterogeneous linked data.


Waisda logo

A labeling game for video. Initial prototypes of Waisda? where used in two pilot studies at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Now there is the open source version that everybody can use to let the crowd tag their video collection.

Amalgame interactive alignment

Amalgame (AMsterdam ALignment GenerAtion MEtatool) is a tool for finding, evaluating and managing vocabulary alignments. We explicitly do not aim to produce 'yet another alignment method' but rather seek to combine existing matching techniques. Our goal is to support data providers, such as cultural heritage institutes, with the alignment of their own vocabularies.

User-generated metadata for video content

Within the PrestoPrime project I investigate the annotation of audio and video by Web users and the integration of this metadata into video collections.

End-user support for access to heterogeneous linked data

In April 2010 I successfully defended my Ph.D thesis at the University of Amsterdam.

Europeana Semantic Search

The MultimediaN E-Culture team developed a research prototype of a semantic search engine for Europeana. Including collections from Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Louvre and the Netherlands Institute for Art History.