The aim of this site to aggregate all of the various measures related to artifacts produced with respect to one piece of science. What is a piece of science? That is up to a researcher but in general one can think of it as an experiment or all the things done to lead to a paper. During the course of doing a piece of science, a researcher will produce many different artifacts: data, slides, papers, experiment write-ups. For all these types of artifacts, different outlets (i.e. websites) are useful in sharing and communicating these artifacts. For example, a video may be best shared through SciVee, slides may be displayed on slideshare, and a paper may be best shared through an institutional repository or a publishers website.

However, once a researcher has shared their artifacts in all of these different places, it becomes a pain to track the impact that all these different artifacts are having. Instead of trying to convince researchers to share all their scientific artifacts in one place, this site lets researchers this site aggregates all the different measures from artifact specific websites.

To the right, an example of a science set is shown. The files are from the Beyond the PDF Workshop. Each file is hosted at a different website and the impact measure whether views, clicks, or downloads is shown. Here, we show an example of a slideset hosted on Slideshare, the paper published in Plos Computational Biology, a press release from the university, and a data set page. Currently, we show a mock-up but all links are to sites that provide an api or easy access to the available metrics. We are in the process of connecting to these sites through their APIs. We will have a live working demo by the time of the workshop.

With this site we hope to have a discussion piece with which to talk about how we can use these new traces of science to help researchers better show the impact their science is having. In particular, this is an example of altmetrics.