Milan, September 15, 2009
Workshop at the
International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT'09)
HAI Preliminary Program

List of accepted papers

Recent developments within Ambient Intelligence and Agent Technology provide new possibilities to contribute to personal care. For example, an intelligent ambient agent in our car may monitor us and warn us when we are falling asleep while driving or take measures when we are too drunk to drive. As another example, an elderly person may wear a device with an ambient agent that monitors his or her wellbeing and generates an action when a dangerous situation is noticed.

The workshop can play an important role, for example, to get modellers in the psychological, neurological, social or biomedical disciplines interested in Ambient Intelligence as a high-potential application area for their models, and, for example, get inspiration for problem areas to be addressed for further developments in their disciplines. From the other side, the workshop may make researchers in Ambient Intelligence, Agent Systems, and Artificial Intelligence more aware of the possibilities to incorporate more substantial knowledge from the psychological, neurological, social and biomedical disciplines in Ambient Intelligence applications. As part of the interaction, specifications may be generated for experiments to be addressed by the human-directed sciences.