Invited Speakers

List of Accepted Papers
  • Erik Dovgan, Boštjan Kaluža, Tea Tušar, and Matjaž Gams, "Agent-based Security System for User Verification"

  • Azizi ab Aziz, Michel Klein, and Jan Treur, "Modeling an Ambient Intelligent Agent to Support Relapse Prevention in Depression"

  • Cristiano Castelfranchi, "Tacitly Communicating with our Intelligent Environment via our Practical Behavior and its Traces"

  • Martijn Neef, Peter-Paul van Maanen, Peter Petiet, and Maartje Spoelstra, "Adaptive Work-Centered and Human-Aware Support Agents for Augmented Cognition in Tactical Environments"

  • Willem-Paul Brinkman, Joost Broekens, Catholijn Jonker, and John-Jules Meyer, "Getting a Grip on Emotions in Negotiations: the Possibilities of ICT"

  • Christian Henke and Vladimir Stantchev, "Human Aspects in Clinical Ambient Intelligence Scenarios"

  • Stuart Moran and Keiichi Nakata, "The Behavioural Implications of Ubiquitous Monitoring"

  • Rajiv Khosla and Mei-Tai Chu, "Emotionally Intelligent Agents for Human Resource Management"

  • Lydie Edward, Domitile Lourdeaux, and Jean-Paul Barthes, "Cognitive Modeling of Virtual Autonomous Intelligent Agents Including Human Factors"

  • Meng Chen, Daisuke Katagami, and Katsumi Nitta, "Let's play catch in words: Online Negotiation System with a Sense of Presence Based on Haptic Interaction"