Toronto, August 31, 2010
Workshop at the
International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT'10)
Final Program

    Session A (8:35 - 10:00; Chair: Peter-Paul van Maanen)

  • Workshop Opening by Fariba Sadri

  • Fahim Kawsar, Gerd Kortuem, and Bashar Altakrouri, "Designing Pervasive Interactions for Ambient Guidance with Situated Flows"

  • Fariba Sadri, "Intention Recognition with Event Calculus Graphs and Weight of Evidence"

  • Tibor Bosse, Ghazanfar Siddiqui, and Jan Treur, "Supporting Financial Decision Making by an Intelligent Agent Estimating Greed and Risk"

    Session B (10:20 - 12:00; Chair: Fariba Sadri)

  • Rianne van Lambalgen and Peter-Paul van Maanen, "Personalisation of Computational Models of Attention by Simulated Annealing Parameter Tuning"

  • Marc Böhlen and Joe Atkinson, "Ambient intelligence at the beach"

  • Marc Böhlen, Fahim Kawsar, Peter-Paul van Maanen, et al., "Reports on Related Projects"

  • Workshop Closing Remarks

  • Location: York University, Keele Campus, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) building, room 0011