This workshop on Human aspects in Ambient Intelligence (HAI) is the eighth of a series that began in 2007. The HAI workshop series focuses on applied and theoretical research in the intersection of Ambient and Artificial Intelligence on the one hand and human-directed disciplines (such as psychology, social science, neuroscience and biomedical sciences) on the other hand. The aim is to bring people together from these disciplines, as well as researchers working on cross connections of Artificial and Ambient Intelligence with these disciplines. The emphasis is on the use of knowledge from these disciplines in 'ambient' applications, in order to support humans in their daily living in medical, psychological and social respects. The workshop series plays an important role, for example, to get modellers in the psychological, neurological, social or biomedical disciplines interested in Ambient Intelligence as a high-potential application area for their models, and, for example, get inspiration for problem areas to be addressed for further developments in their disciplines. From the other side, the workshop may make researchers in Ambient Intelligence, Agent Systems, and Artificial Intelligence more aware of the possibilities to incorporate more substantial knowledge from the psychological, neurological, social and biomedical disciplines in Ambient Intelligence applications. HAI 2014 will be hosted by AMT 2014 in Warsaw, Poland at August 11, 2014.