Agent-based Defeasible Control in Dynamic Environments


Meyer, J.J.Ch., and Treur, J. (volume eds.)


Series in Defeasible Reasoning and Uncertainty Management Systems

(D. Gabbay and Ph. Smets, series eds.), vol. 7. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002.








Part I: Introduction and Basic Concepts


Introduction                                                                                                                          3

J.-J. Ch. Meyer and J. Treur


Basic Concepts                                                                                                                    9

J.-J.Ch. Meyer and J. Treur



Part II: Modelling Frameworks and Generic Agent Models


Compositional Design of Multi-Agent Systems: Modelling Dynamics and Control                    19

F. M. T. Brazier, C. M. Jonker and J. Treur


Control Techniques for Complex Reasoning: The Case of Milord II                                        65

L. Godo, J. Puyol-Gruart and C. Sierra


Concurrent METATEM as a Coordination Language                                                            99

A. Kellett and M. Fisher


Compositional Design and Reuse of a Generic Agent Model                                                113

F. M. T. Brazier, C. M. Jonker and J. Treur



Part IIIA: Formal Analyis: General Approaches


Semantic Formalisation of the Dynamic of Compositional Agent Systems                             167

F. M. T. Brazier, P. van Eck and J. Treur


A Descriptive Dynamic Logic and its Application to Reflective Architectures                       197

C. Sierra, L. Godo, R. Lopez de Mantaras and M. Manzano


Compositional Verification of Multi-Agent Systems in Temporal Multi-Epistemic Logic         221

J. Engelfriet, C.M. Jonker and J. Treur



Part IIIB: Formal Analysis: Logics for Agents


Formalising Abilities and Opportunities of Agents                                                                253

B. van Linder, W. van der Hoek and J.-J.Ch. Meyer


Seeing is Believing (And so are Hearing and Jumping)                                                         309

B. van Linder, W. van der Hoek and J.-J.Ch. Meyer


Motivational Attitudes in the KARO Framework                                                                 341

J.-J.Ch. Meyer, W. van der Hoek and B. van Linder


Modelling Social Agents: Towards Deliberate Communication                                              357

F. Dignum and B. van Linder



Part IIIC: Formal Analysis: Reasoning about Dynamics


Reasoning about Action and Change Using Dijkstra’s Semantics for Programming                383


W. £ukaszewicz and E. Madalinska-Bugaj


Reasoning about Action and Change: Actions with Abnormal Effects                                   399

W. £ukaszewicz and E. Madalinska-Bugaj


Preferential Action Semantics                                                                                            411

J.-J.Ch. Meyer and P. Doherty


Reuse and Abstraction in Verification: Agents Acting in Dynamic Environments                   427

C.M. Jonker, J. Treur and W. de Vries


Compositional Verification of a Multi-Agent System for One-to-Many Negotiation                455

F.M.T. Brazier, F. Cornelissen, R. Gustavsson, C.M. Jonker,

O. Lindeberg. B. Polak and J. Treur


Index                                                                                                                                476