The Queries

These links can be copy-pasted into the interactive SPARQL editor on the Verrijkt Koninkrijk Semantic Layer page at (opens in new window). For testing purposes, all queries have been limited to retrieve 100 results. Removing that constraint will produce all results on the server.

  • Link to BeeldbankWO2 images

  • Provinces

    This query retrieves the Back of the book placenames on which page they occur and to which province do they belong. Here we exploit the links from the Back of the Book index to GeoNames.
  • Prime Ministers in Het Koninkrijk

    This query exploits the links of the Named Entity index to DBPedia. It returns all paragraphs where one or more entities are found that match a DBPedia person known to have had the occupation of Prime Minister of the Netherlands.
  • Pillarization 1

    Occurrences of Back-of-the-book index terms that are associated with a Pillar Back of the Book term

  • Pillarization 2

    Co-occurences of Back-of-the-book. Pillarization terms with the term niod:Pillar itself