Arlette van Wissen
I am a postdoc in the Agent Systems Research Group of the AI Department at the VU University Amsterdam. At Utrecht University I studied Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on Agents, Language and Speech Technology. I devoted my Master’s thesis to social factors in human-agent team work, and carried out part of my research while I was a visiting researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Research Group at Harvard University. After graduating cum laude, I started in 2009 as a PhD student at the VU University Amsterdam under supervision of prof. dr. Jan Treur and my copromotor dr. Michel Klein. On March 25th 2014 I successfully defended my thesis, called `Agent-Based Support for Behavior Change: Models and Applications in Health and Safety Domains’. I have been a member of the employee council of the VU University Amsterdam from 2012 to 2014 as a representative of the PhD and postdoc organization ProVU.

My research focuses on ambient and persuasive intelligence. I am particularly interested in developing intelligent systems that support human behavior change in individual or group contexts. My research concentrates on creating agent-based models for support systems that are adaptive and can provide up-to-date and personalised information. One of my projects concerns the development of an intelligent support system for therapy adherence and lifestyle change. Related to behavior change in larger groups, I am working on contagion of information, beliefs and emotions in groups and crowds.

Research interests and projects

  • eHealth
  • persuasive and pervasive technology
  • intelligent coaching systems
  • agent-based and cognitive modeling
  • human-computer interaction
  • habit learning, behavior change
  • social contagion, social networks

research for more information on my current research projects and activities.

Nominations & Awards

- Google Scholar 2010 for the
Anita Borg EMEA Scholarship for Women in Computer Science (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
- Shortlisted for best Master thesis award at Utrecht University:
Vliegenthart Scriptieprijs 2009