As of 1/1/2013 I am no longer working at the VU.

You can reach me mainly via firstname.lastname at nl dot ibm dot com (no accents on the a-s, naturally), though my VU email should work until the end of 2013.


I am currently (mainly) interested in Data Mining (several aspects), Machine Learning, Recommender systems, Text summarisation, and Information retrieval. I have a particular interest in research with social impact.

I am working part time on the OptiFox project (Work Package 3), "a project which is funded by a European Commission's 7th Framework Research for SME grant (7FP-SME 262266). In this project we aim at developing an intelligent, self-learning agent (or system) for CI fitting. We will combine the latest technologies from linguistics, automatic speech recognition, machine learning, and optimization techniques. The consortium consists of SMEs and research institutes from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, in close collaboration with the CI manufacturer Advanced Bionics." [paper]


I have been teaching Data Mining Techniques at the VU University Amsterdam (2010-2012), Neural Networks (2011), Web Analysis (2012), and sometimes give lectures as part of other courses (e.g. a DM/ML lecture for Integrative Tumor Cell Biology).

I also supervise Master's projects (5-10 per semester) of students mainly with Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Computer Science and Mathematics backgrounds. Also, I have been the supervisor of several students doing smaller projects (Mini Master, BA Paper, Literature Study).

Previously I have been involved in assisting at a number of courses at the VU (Neural Networks) and at QMUL (8+ different courses).

Other activities

  • Organiser: Workshop on Mining Football-related Data (Facebook page)
  • PC member: ICWSM 2012
  • Reviewer: Computing, AIMSA
  • Member: various 'Docententeams'(VU, 2010-), BA Internship Committee (VU, 2011-)


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Recent posters

I. M. Covlescu, Z. Szlávik. Exploring Item-User-Rating Datasets as Images. Benelearn, 2012.
W. Luijben and Z. Szlávik. Stage Detection in Runs of Evolutionary Algorithms. Benelearn, 2012.
Z. Szlávik, B. Vaerenberg, W. Kowalczyk and P. Govaerts. Opti-Fox: Towards the Automatic Tuning of Cochlear Implants. Benelearn, 2011.
P. Nogueira and Z. Szlávik. Automatic Construction of Personalized Concept Maps from Free Text. Benelearn, 2011.
Z. Szlávik, W. Kowalczyk and M. Schut. Diversity Measurement of Recommender Systems under Different User Choice Models. Benelearn, 2011.
W. Luijben, Z. Szlávik and D. Dahlsveen. Scale-Independent Forecasting Performance Comparison. Benelearn, 2011.
S.K. Smit, Z. Szlávik, and A.E. Eiben. Population Diversity Index: A New Measure for Population Diversity. GECCO, 2011.

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