Dr. Thomas Rot

Assistant professor/ Departmental Manager

Department of Mathematics
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

De Boelelaan 1081a
1081 HV, Amsterdam

Room: 9A-59 (NU BUILDING)
Phone: (+31) 20 59 84436
email: (change spam to t.o.rot)
Office hours: By appointment

Research statement

I am interested in the interplay between dynamical systems and algebraic/differential topology. Any non-trivial dynamical system is too complex to understand in full detail. The exact evolution of the dynamical system is very sensitive to the initial conditions and model parameters. This is undesirable, we do not expect to be able to model and measure any natural system in full precision, and understand everything that happens in full detail. It is therefore important to understand which dynamical behavior is preserved under small perturbations of the system in question. Tools from topology, for example various homology theories, are well suited to this task, they can give robust information of the dynamical system in question. On the other hand well-chosen dynamical systems can give deep insight into topology. I am interested in both aspects of the theory.

The DDT&G seminar

Together with Alvaro del Pino Gomez , Federica Pasquotto and Rob Vandervorst, I organize the Dutch Differential Topology & Geometry seminar (DDT&G). More information about the seminar can be found here . I strongly encourage master students with an interest in topology and/or geometry to attend!






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