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Physics of Energy Group, Department of Physics and Astronomy at the VU Amsterdam

Energy Materials

We study the structural, optical, and electrical properties of organic, nanostructure, and perovskite semiconductors for energy applications. Our research focusses on fundamental questions in the context of application-driven questions.



New directions in sensing

 The GlucoEasy team is located in the Demonstrator Lab, and is developing a novel direction in sensing. Our goal is to develop a detector for glucose and other biomarkers for use in solutions with variable properties, such as sweat.


The team (April 2020)

Times are tough for experimental groups! but we are managing! everyone in the group is happy and healthy and staying home! Regular zoom meetings keep our spirits up!


  1. APL Perspective is Editor's Pick!
  2. NWO XS grant awarded to study non-equilibrium effects in photovoltaics!
  3. New concensus reports from ISOS community on reporting perovskite stability and lifetime studies appearing in Nature Energy in 2020!
  4. Elizabeth joins the RSC editor team of J. Mater. Chem C
  5. Review on impedance spectroscopy for emerging PV is out!
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