creating and inventing through 3D techniques

3Ducation part II; project description

During the project of 3Ducation I became very enthusiastic about 3D-printing, even more than I was before the project. But I also got interested in education more than I have ever been. I started to search for possibilities to do something with my interest for education in the future. I came in contact with the project ICT in de Wolken. I am very enthusiastic about this project and I am going to help there next year (2014-2015) as student assistant. The idea for this new Honours project arose during my meetings there.

I want to make a concrete study programme concerning 3D-printing. This was one of the goals we had with the 3Ducation project but it turned out to be harder than we expected. This programme will be (initially) designed for high school students (since those are the students of ICT in de Wolken). My idea for this programme is to learn the students how to solve problems and invent innovative solutions when they have access to a 3D-printer. But maybe this can also be combined with other techniques as well. The inspiration for this project comes from an example of the use of a 3D-printer we found during our research for 3Ducation: Some collaborating people (parents, students, teachers) printed a hand for a student that missed one. A lot of different people with different knowledge had to work together here. For the programme that I am going to make I also want to try to find people to collaborate with for the students to learn them to work with different knowledge and people.

After I designed the programme and having it reviewed, I want to implement the programme. After this I will write a report about how this went and possible refinements of the programme for next groups. In the end I hope to have a programme ready that can be used by different groups/schools as well.

This project does not have a clear research question but it is more a challenge: Create a study program focused on 3D-printing and apply it on a school.