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Publications and preprints

To find a publication, follow the [doi] link (journal subscription might be required) or the electronic journal link. The [arXiv] link takes you to the arXiv preprint.

The asymptotics of group Russian roulette [arXiv]
Tim van de Brug, Wouter Kager and Ronald Meester, Markov Processes and Related Fields 23 35–66 (2017).

The signed loop approach to the Ising model: foundations and critical point [doi] [arXiv]
Wouter Kager, Marcin Lis and Ronald Meester, Journal of Statistical Physics 152(2) 353–387 (2013).

Stochastic domination and weak convergence of conditioned Bernoulli random vectors [ALEA] [arXiv]
Erik Broman, Tim van de Brug, Wouter Kager and Ronald Meester, ALEA, Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics 9(2) 403–434 (2012).

The hitting time theorem revisited [doi]
Wouter Kager, Amererican Mathematical Monthly 118(8) 735–737 (2011).

Rotor-router aggregation on the layered square lattice [EJC] [arXiv]
Wouter Kager and Lionel Levine, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 17(1) #R152 (2010).

Existence and uniqueness of the stationary measure in the continuous Abelian sandpile [MPRF] [arXiv]
Wouter Kager, Ronald Meester and Haiyan Liu, Markov Processes and Related Fields 16(1) 185–204 (2010).

Diamond aggregation [doi] [arXiv]
Wouter Kager and Lionel Levine, Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 149(2) 351–372 (2010).

Stochastic Löwner Evolution and the scaling limit of critical models
Bernard Nienhuis and Wouter Kager, in: Polygons, Polyominoes and Polycubes, Anthony J. Guttman (ed.), Springer: Lecture Notes in Physics 775 (2009).

A local limit theorem for the critical random graph [doi]
Remco van der Hofstad, Wouter Kager and Tobias Müller, Electronic Communications in Probability 14 122–131 (2009).

Pattern theorems, ratio limit theorems and Gumbel maximal clusters for random fields [doi] [arXiv]
Remco van der Hofstad and Wouter Kager, Journal of Statistical Physics 130(3) 503–522 (2008).

Diffusion constants and martingales for senile random walks [arXiv]
Wouter Kager (2007).

Reflected Brownian motion in generic triangles and wedges [doi] [arXiv]
Wouter Kager, Stochastic Processes and their Applications 117(5) 539–549 (2007).

Conformally invariant paths in 2D statistical physics
with a guide to Schramm-Löwner Evolution
Wouter Kager (2006), PhD thesis. Printed books are available upon request.

Monte Carlo study of the hull distribution for the q=1 Brauer model [doi] [arXiv]
Wouter Kager and Bernard Nienhuis, Journal of Statistical Mechanics (2006) P08004.

A guide to Stochastic Löwner Evolution and its applications [doi] [arXiv]
Wouter Kager and Bernard Nienhuis, Journal of Statistical Physics 115(5/6) 1149–1229 (2004).

Exact solutions for Loewner evolutions [doi] [arXiv]
Wouter Kager, Bernard Nienhuis and Leo P. Kadanoff, Journal of Statistical Physics 115(3/4) 805–822 (2004).