Short bio
I am an assistant professor at the department of mathematics at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. Before coming here I was a postdoc at TU Munich working with Ulrich Bauer. I defended my PhD at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in December 2015 under the supervision of Nils A. Baas.
I work within the field of topological data analysis: a relatively recent branch of mathematics in which topological signatures are assigned to data. Enjoying being at both the pure and applied side of mathematics, my research includes pure elements such as representation theory of quivers, as well as more computational aspects, and applications towards the sciences.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Teaching (Spring 2020)
  • Complex Analysis.
Current Students
Prospective students
Bachelor and master students at the VU interested in topological data analaysis can contact me for potential projects.


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  2. (With U. Bauer and B. Fluhr) Universality of the Bottleneck Distance for Extended Persistence Diagrams. arXiv
  3. (With J. Curry and E. Munch) A Relative Theory of Interleavings. arXiv (submitted).
  4. (With V. Lebovici and S. Oudot) On rectangle-decomposable 2-parameter persistence modules, arXiv, accepted to The 36th International Symposium on Computational Geometry (full version submitted to journal).
In Press
  1. (With H. B. Bjerkevik and M. Kerber) Computing the interleaving distance is NP-hard.
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  2. (With W. Crawley-Boevey) Decomposition of persistence modules.
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    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory ( Volume: 58 , Issue: 12 , Dec. 2012 ). (doi)
Past Events
  1. 33rd Summer Cenference on Topology and its Applications, Johannesburg, July 1-4 2019
Past Teaching:
  1. Fall 2020: Master Seminar in Analysis and Dynamical Systems
  2. Fall 2020: Linear Algebra
  3. Summer 2020: Modelling of Dynamical Systems
  4. Spring 2020: Topological Data Analysis (Mastermath)
  5. Spring 2020: Master Seminar in Analysis and Dynamical Systems.
  6. Fall 2019: Numerical Methods.
  7. Summer 2019: Modelling of Dynamical Systems
  8. Spring 2019: Numerical Methods.
  9. Spring 2019: Master Seminar in Analysis and Dynamical Systems.
  10. Fall 2018: Calculus 1 at the Amsterdam University College (AUC).