Use Cases

Argos has been integrating in various platforms that use it for intrusion detection purposes, and malware analysis.


Honey At Home is the "@home" implementation of the NoAH project, aiming to facilitate the gathering of information on cyber-attacks. It is designed to be simple to manage and lightweight on system resource usage.



In order to get a more realistic picture of the attacks happening on the Internet as well as their root causes (ie organized crime vs script kiddies) using unbiased quantitative data, we have deployed (and keep deploying) for more than 3 years now a worldwide distributed set up of identical honeypots in many different countries and we centralize all their tcpdump files in a database that all partners have access to for free.



SURFids is an open source Distributed Intrusion Detection System based on passive sensors. The goal is to provide an early warning system which lets system administrators correlate known and unknown exploits to attacks directed towards their networks.