Slides, etc., used during some of my talks

Occasion Title of the talk pdf or ps file
BMC 2001 (University of Glasgow) Algebraic K-theory and special values of zeta- and L-functions slides
(Same as above, but smaller fonts, more explanations) (As above) slides
BMC 2002 (University of Warwick) K-theory, regulators and L-functions for curves over number fields slides
Newton Institute, Cambridge, October 2002 K4 of curves and syntomic regulators slides
Leuven, Belgium, April 2004 The K-theory of fields and curves slides
Dagstuhl, Germany, May 2004 Beilinson's conjecture for K2 of certain (hyper)elliptic curves slides tables
Banff, Canada, December 2005 (A more elaborate version is in the Belfast talk below.) Numerical verification of a conjecture of Perrin-Riou for number fields slides tables
Belfast, United Kingdom, August 2007; Rennes, France, November 2007; Soesterberg, The Netherlands, November 2007 On the p-adic Beilinson conjecture for number fields slides
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 3rd October 2007 K-groups and zeta-functions (colloquium talk) slides
Utrecht, The Netherlands, 20th March 2009 K4 of curves over number fields slides
Amsterdam, 19th May 2009; Besançon, 8th June 2009 Bounding the kernel of the tame symbols on curves slides
Antalya, Turkey, 22nd May 2009 What is known about K2 of curves? slides
Leiden, 17th December 2009 (colloquium talk) Algebraic K-theory and arithmetic slides
Amsterdam, 16th November 2012; Vancouver, 20th June 2013 The syntomic regulator for K4 of curves slides
Montreal, 18th February 2015 On K2 of curves slides